Thomas A. Luppi



University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame IN

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

May 2016


Languages: C, C++, C#, PHP, Java, Javascript, Pearl, Python

Systems: Linux/Unix, Windows, Android, Wordpress, SQL Studio, MySQL

Programs: Visual Studio, Eclipse

Senior Software Engineer
  • Work in Microsoft Security to securely rotate credentials and track progress


Software Intern
  • Worked with system that manages identify data for over four million organizations
  • Migrated a service role from own server architecture to Azure server
  • Added health monitoring to existing service

Summer 2015

CTO, Developer
  • Lead team of 7 to create iOS, Android, and Web application
  • Extensive work with backend (AWS) and android coding
  • Interfaced with investors, club leaders, and business owners to garner interest


  • Worked independently and on teams with full time staff to expand platform to make use of new and Surveymonkey APIs
  • Fixed bugs in platform and implemented features
  • Direct work on customer facing website
  • Extensive work with PHP, C#, HTML, and SQL Database

Summer 2014

DISCOVER lab, Notre Dame
  • Researched unmanned aerial quadcopter technology under Hai Lin
  • Programmed vision recognition which was used for positioning and navigation

Spring 2014

El Centrito Family Learning Centers
  • Developed and lead Summer Science and Math Academy
  • Taught and mentored students aged 2-16

Summer 2013

First Robotics Team
President, Mechanical and Programming Lead
  • Lead and mentored group of 30+ students
  • Designed, built, and programmed four robots that competed to play various games
  • Collaborated with local school to develop engineering programs
  • Co-created robotics team at local middle school

2008 - 2012

Awards and Honors
Boy Scouts of America Eagle Scout Award 2010
AP Scholar with Distinction 2012
Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology, University of Rochester 2011